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Writing Tutoring and Proofreading Scenarios

For early writing stages:

Do you know what to write about?

Knowing what to write about is the key. Our mentors will professionally brainstorm with you. You will figure out what to write about reasonably quickly.

Do you know where to find good sources?

Academic writing is all about the sources. Our mentors will provide you with the best places to find good sources. They will help you create a list of criteria for sources via brainstorming. This way, you will know WHERE and HOW to find the PERFECT sources for your paper.

Do you have a decent outline for your writing?

An outline is essential to properly structuring your writing. Our mentors can assist you with creating a proper outline. 

For mid writing stages:

Is your thesis statement punchy enough?

A thesis statement is one of the most important elements of an academic paper. We can help you nail it by critically reviewing what you have or assisting you with crafting a thesis statement via brainstorming.

Are your body paragraphs structured well?

Body paragraphs have to follow specific paragraph structuring rules. Don't let your writing be ruined by getting this aspect wrong. Our mentors can review your paragraphs and assist with fixing them.

Is your conclusion actually a conclusion?

What writers often do is they get their conclusions all wrong. Our mentors can help you craft a conclusion the way it was meant to be.

For late writing stages:

Have you proofread your paper well?

Don't ruin the impression of your paper with silly mistakes. Let our mentors proofread everything.

Are you coming across as convincing enough?

Academic writing is a discussion. Sometimes your structure is correct, and your grammar and style are fine, but the point you are trying to make is not convincing enough. Let our mentors critically evaluate your idea flow and provide suggestions for improvement.

Is your paper in harmony?

Truly outstanding papers are in harmony: their paragraphs flow logically, are of reasonable length, and are clear. Let our mentors bring harmony to your paper.

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