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Clues.Cafe Terms of Service and Refunds Policy


“We”, “Our”, “Us” refers to the website and its team.

“You”, “Your” refers to a natural person, an individual entrepreneur, or a legal entity that uses Our services.

“Mentor” refers to a member of Our team who is Our expert in academic writing and who provides support and assistance to You.

“Assistant” refers to a member of Our team who is Our expert in communication and who determines Your need and invites You to an online document where You communicate with Our Mentor to resolve Your need.

How it works

We exist to provide You with support and assistance in Your academic writing life. We provide that via:

1. Answering Your questions about academic writing such as, but not limited to, the meaning of specific terms and concepts, clarifying academic writing instructions.

2. Helping You brainstorm ideas for writing by asking You questions, giving You related examples that help You to get going with Your writing on Your own.

3. Assisting You with the sources by asking You the correct questions and giving You related examples that help You gather an optimal selection of sources for a particular writing piece.

4. Boosting Your papers by providing insightful comments and recommendations on what could be improved in Your writing piece, such as, but not limited to, the structure, the formatting, the vocabulary choices of Your writing piece.


We may provide other types of assistance that are related to the assistance mentioned above. However, We don't provide writing services, such as writing papers for You. Also, We don't complete assignments or their equivalents in full or partially for You. 


We are solely an advisory service, which means that You decide whether to implement the advice given by Us and may completely ignore it. We do not bear any responsibility for misinterpretation or misuse of Our consultations.


To use Our services, You have to initiate a chat with Us on Our website Our Assistant will determine Your need and then will create an online document and invite You to it. Once there, You will be able to chat with Our Mentor. For long consultations, We may change Mentors for You.

Resuming consultations


To resume Your consultation at a later time, please contact Our Assistant via chat - We will try to arrange the same Mentor for You, but may need to proceed with another Mentor.


Personal information


You don’t need to provide personal information to use Our services and may join the online document created for Your order via anonymous browser tab. 

Information storage 

We store the information provided by You and Our Mentor in the online document created for Your order for three months for the purpose of ease of continuation of Your order should You decide to come back and work on the same order a bit more and for the purpose of quality control of Mentor’s work.

After the aforementioned period, we delete the information provided by You and Our Mentor in the online document created for Your order. Therefore, if You wish to preserve the information provided, please download the document to Your computer or copy information from it to another file or Yours.

Cost of the Services

Upon engaging with Our Mentor through our online document, You are obligated to make a payment of $28. Payment can be made through a link provided by Our Assistant. Your payment covers a 60-minute session with our services. The session begins immediately after Our Assistant confirms receipt of your payment. You will be notified by the Assistant and/or the Mentor when your 60-minute session has ended.


Should you require extra time, you can reach out to Our Assistant via chat to specify the duration you need. To determine the exact amount of time you might require, you are encouraged to consult either Our Mentor or Our Assistant. Extra time will be charged at a rate of $28 per hour. As an illustration, a 30-minute extension will cost you $14 (calculated as $28/60 minutes x 30 minutes = $14). Our Assistant will then generate and share a payment link with you. Once the payment is confirmed, Our Mentor will continue to address your needs.


Any time you purchase is strictly for the specified session and cannot be moved to other dates or times. Additionally, it cannot be transferred to other individuals. As a recommendation, we advise not buying more than an additional 60 minutes at once.

Contact details

If You require further information about Us, please contact

Refund Policy

If you are unsatisfied with the quality of our services, you may initiate a refund request by emailing us at Ensure the subject line of your email contains the word "REFUND" for prompt identification. Additionally, you are required to outline the specific reasons for your dissatisfaction in the email.


We will assess your refund request within a 14-calendar day window and respond to you via email.


The percentage of the refund will vary depending on the particular circumstances and may range from 0% to 100% of the original payment.


Please note that refunds will not be issued for purchased time that you did not utilize.

Version 2.0 (effective since 30-Aug-2023)

Older Versions:

Version 1.0 (effective prior to 30-Aug-2023)

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